Saturday, November 21, 2009

how to play texas holdem poker

GUIDE TO PLAY ON FACEBOOK APPLICATION Zynga PokerFor those of you who do not already have this application can get the application by using the menu at the top of the search by typing zynga poker then accept the application.To play you will be given an initial capital of 2000 chips, you can directly click the play now button to play or choose a table that is provided.If the game is running, then you were told to wait until round game lasting finish.

Okay you playYou hold two cards, while the dealer would distribute 5 cardsYour task is to win the match two cards that you hold the cards that are distributed by the airport.Formation card as follows:· One pair(No 1 pair of the same cards for example 8-8)

· Two Pair(There are 2 pairs of the same card for example 8-8,6-6)

· Tris or three off of a kind(There are 3 cards the same ex. 8-8-8)

· Straight(5 cards in sequence ex. 3-4-5-6-7)

· Flush(5 cards same interest ex. The hearts of all / curly all)

· Full House(Combining Tris ama One Pair. Ex. 8-8-8-6-6)

· Four of a kind(There are 4 cards the same ex. 8-8-8-8)

· Straight flush(Combining Straight ama Flash ex. 3-4-5-6-7 tp all heart / curly)

· Royal Flush(10, J, Q, K, As the same interest. Rated highest in poker is a Royal Flush Spades)

Strata sequence cards from lowest to highest:¨ § © ªThe aim is to combine playing cards that win as much gain chip,There are 4 orders when we're playing:Fold = Cancel participate (if your card is bad, for it could be sebaikya you choose this)Check = Just check and not to increase the bet, but this can only be done if the othernot to increase the bet (if you are still in doubt you should choose this)Call any = Join (If your card is likely to be should you choose this)Raise = Adding stakes (If you're a big card peluangya / already so should you choose this

Suppose there are 4 players. One player, two players, three players and four players.- Each player will take turns being "dealer" (dealer), turns clockwise. For example, one player being "dealer", then he would distribute the cards later.- Before the cards are dealt, two players to the left of the dealer put the chip / bet, called Ante. The first Ante smaller than the next ante. For example: a player is a dealer,then the player to his left, suppose two players, put his Ante 5 dollars, and the next player again, the three players, put Antenya amount of 10 dollars. Ante commonly known as the Blind Bets.- Set of chips / bets in the center of the table to hereinafter called the "Pot" .- Then split card, each player gets two cards. 2 This card is called "Private Cards" / "Hole Cards".- Then after the card visits (players can not see another player's cards, must see his own!), The player to the left of the players who give the second ante, do a "bet" the first time. In this case because the second ante give are three players, then who did "bet" the first time four players.- Bet is a bet, can call, raise, or fold- "Call" or "Stay In", meaning he will come to play, by placing amount of money wagered by players last time. In this case the 10 bucks.- "Raise" means that he will come to play, put the stakes, with a value ofhigher stakes (higher than the value of the previous bet,in this case is higher than 10 dollars, for example, he put 20 dollars).- "Fold" means he will not come to play. So he did not come bets, andclose the card.- Then followed the player to his left again, would "call", "raise", or"Fold", and so on.- After that, 3 cards split open and placed in the center of the table,start the second round to place a bet.- As before, in turn players do again"Call", "raise" or "fold", starting from the player to the left of thegive ante to two earlier. Cards in the center of the table is called "CommunityCards ". And this round is called "Flop".- After that, opened one more card "Community Cards" arefourth. This is called "Turn Card" / "4th Street"- Followed by a "bet" or bet again as before.- Then the last card "Community Cards" opened again, this is called "RiverCard "/" 5th Street ".- Followed by a "bet" or bet again as before. This islast round of betting.- Furthermore, the players opened his card, and combinedg cards cards shown in the table, to 5 cardscombination.-One Thing you have perharikan in this game is to relax and do not lust when she saw a good card because you are not necessarily win, try to open 3 cards on the table in advance if you have good cards, if you are unsure please all in good luck.

Other terms:All In: risking all the chips that are in the bagTo Lobby: go to the front lobby forStand up: stand (to take money or save the results of playing chips.

Ok please try and wish you luck.